Favorite Music for Spanish Class

I remember ten years ago it was so difficult to find good music to teach Spanish to children, especially at the elementary level. I am so glad that talented teachers have created new music to enrich our classes. Here is a list of my favorite singers in random order:

11. Sonrisas 

14. This space is reserved for Shakira and Pitt Bull when they write their first song collection for teaching Spanish to kids!

Happy singing!

Parachute Time in Spanish Class


Here are some fun activities to try in Spanish class:


• Have the children move around the room while saying marcha (march)¬ and have them stop by saying para (stop). Do the same with the other actions: salta (jump), arriba (put hands up), abajo (put hands down), adentro (go inside the circle), afuera (go outside the circle).


• Use a parachute for active play or a sheet, and have the children do the previous actions. Place an object in the middle of the parachute/fabric, preferable an object related to the themes explore before (numbers, colors, animals, etc) to link the lessons.

Use this song while playing with the parachute!


Marcha, marcha, marcha,
Marcha, marcha, marcha 1-2-3.
Arriba, abajo, arriba, abajo
Arriba, abajo 1-2-3.
Adentro, afuera, dentro, afuera,
Adentro, afuera 1-2-3.
Salta, salta , salta,
Salta, salta, salta 1-2-3.

March, march, march,
March, march, march 1-2-3.
Up, down, up, down,
Up, down, 1-2-3.
Inside, outside, inside, outside,
Jump, jump, jump,
Jump, jump, jump 1-2-3.
Visit 1-2-3 Spanish Together on iTunes for more fun songs in Spanish!
Have fun!

A Chant That Teaches Greetings and Introductions in Spanish

Chants are a great way to provide space for repetition and also put sentences that sometimes could be boring to practice into a rhythm and context. Plus, chants help memory! 

I learned from Mama World that this song is called “Ambó Ató,” and it  is based on a traditional song that has its origins in France and later was translated and sung in many Spanish speaking countries.

The rhythm of this song is very catchy and can easily be used to involve everyone in class.  Just create new sentences and replace the main sentences in the song and get ready to have your class singing.
This is an example of how the song can be used:

Have fun singing in Spanish!

ABC en Español

ABC en Español is a website created by Lauren Peacock,  a Spanish teacher  who writes her own songs and makes her own videos that go along with her songs. She has a great collection of resources for teachers to use with their students. To learn more about her teaching resources, visit www.abcenespanol.net.

Las Frutas
Rosa La Foca
Las Calabazas
El Gusano TuTu
Have fun singing in Spanish!

Make a pollito using a plastic egg!

This is a simple craft. To make this pollito (chick) you will need the following materials:
  • Plastic eggs
  • Permanent markers
Once you have your pollito ready, use the inside to send a message to the parents of your students. It could be an update of the class or simply sharing vocabulary and sentences related to the spring season.


I have been teaching the song “Los Pollitos” to my PreK classes. This is a great opportunity to send home the lyrics of the song inside the pollito for parents to sing along with their children.
Grab a copy of the song  here  make your pollitos and send it home!
Here is  a version of the “Los Pollitos” song on YouTube!
Have fun teaching!


Giveway: Song and booklet to teach feelings in Spanish!!!

I am extremely excited to share that I have partnered with Tabitha at FlapJack Education Resources for this freebie! I love all her materials and asked if we could  combine forces to create this awesome giveaway for our Facebook “likers.” 
You will be able to have one of my songs, “La Cancion de los Sentimientos,” and a set of printables to teach the song.

This is how it works:
1.     Share via FB, Twitter, blogs, other social media, e-mails, etc.
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3.     Once I have reached the magic “500 Likers” number, I will publish the links where everyone can download the printables and song! There will be a limited time for the materials to be downloaded.
4. Have fun teaching!

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