Favorite Music for Spanish Class

I remember ten years ago it was so difficult to find good music to teach Spanish to children, especially at the elementary level. I am so glad that talented teachers have created new music to enrich our classes. Here is a list of my favorite singers in random order:

11. Sonrisas 

14. This space is reserved for Shakira and Pitt Bull when they write their first song collection for teaching Spanish to kids!

Happy singing!

Rockalingua Will Make Your Spanish Class Rock {Review and Giveaway}

I teach in a FLES program and have discovered that it is not an easy task  to find the right songs which help teach in the target language. It’s common for a song to have too much vocabulary or to be boring or not engaging enough to maintain student interest. I am also a songwriter which means that I have my own collection of music for my classes, but I always like to try out new songs to incorporate into my curriculum.

However, this is not the case with RockAlingua.  I was amazed by the engagement of my students when I taught one of RockAlingua’s songs called “Los Días de la Semana.” The song is very repetitive – in a fun and good way- so much so that children were singing along after a few seconds of hearing the song. I now use this song as part of my “warmup ritual” in class, and my students ask to sing many of RockAlingua’s songs everyday. The program has complementary videos for some of the songs, and the animation really commands my student’s attention.
I believe one of the main reasons RockAlingua works so well in my classes is that it was created by an elementary Spanish teacher who knows how important repetition and creating context are when teaching a language. Musicians who haven’t been teachers don’t always get this. RockAlingua creates meaningful context for your students. The children not only get to learn the songs, but the program includes complimentary materials to keep exploring the vocabulary and provide a space for practice: worksheets, videos, picture dictionaries, and games. Some of these features require a full membership, and others are free.

You can visit their website to learn more about the program and maybe even decide to start a free trial! You can also follow RockAlingua on Facebook to stay tuned and learn all about their new materials and freebies.
My students enjoy these songs, and since I own a CD, I would love three lucky readers to have a chance to win a CD for their classes. Just enter below to participate! Winners will be announced on Friday, January 31, 2014. United States Only!

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The Giveaway!
¡Buena suerte!

Canciones en Español Will Get Everyone Singing in Class

A review to share with you, and a giveaway (read on to learn more about the giveaway!)

Music with Sara is at it again. Sara´s sweet voice and her music album called “Canciones en Español  is all you need in order to welcome la primavera into your classroom. It’s a collection of 15 songs that will add richness and wonder to any Spanish class. 

My favorite song on this album is called “La Llorona,” a traditional song from Mexico. Sara did a beautiful job keeping this song simple for young children, still preserving the richness of the Mexican music – not an easy feat but oh so important for the use of music in teaching and learning. Another fantastic song is “Mi Cuerpo.” Her version is very lively and catchy and gets everyone up and dancing in class. My students’  favorite is “Patito Patito” which is short and fun – plus there is a nice video that goes along with the song  

Sara also created a video for the song “Te Quiero Mamá” that has some awesome animation.

Canciones en Español” is a music collection that will bring a lot of fun to your classes while you celebrate and welcome the arrival of spring. To learn more about Sara and her music, please visit her website www.musicwithsara.com

The Giveaway

I am  so happy to share this opportunity with you! Two lucky readers will to get this awesome music from Sara to play at home or in their classrooms.

Would you like this set of songs for your own classes? Just enter below for a chance to win. You have until March 30th, 2013!

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Fun For Spanish Teachers

Parachute Time in Spanish Class

Here are some fun activities to try in Spanish class:

• Have the children move around the room while saying marcha (march)¬ and have them stop by saying para (stop). Do the same with the other actions: salta (jump), arriba (put hands up), abajo (put hands down), adentro (go inside the circle), afuera (go outside the circle).

• Use a parachute for active play or a sheet, and have the children do the previous actions. Place an object in the middle of the parachute/fabric, preferable an object related to the themes explore before (numbers, colors, animals, etc) to link the lessons.

Use this song while playing with the parachute!

Marcha, marcha, marcha,
Marcha, marcha, marcha 1-2-3.
Arriba, abajo, arriba, abajo
Arriba, abajo 1-2-3.
Adentro, afuera, dentro, afuera,
Adentro, afuera 1-2-3.
Salta, salta , salta,
Salta, salta, salta 1-2-3.

March, march, march,
March, march, march 1-2-3.
Up, down, up, down,
Up, down, 1-2-3.
Inside, outside, inside, outside,
Jump, jump, jump,
Jump, jump, jump 1-2-3.

Visit 1-2-3 Spanish Together on iTunes for more fun songs in Spanish!

Have fun!
Fun For Spanish Teachers

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