Traditional Songs for Elementary Spanish

Traditional Songs for Elementary Spanish

I love finding opportunities to bring the sounds of traditional and authentic music to my Spanish classes. Music is also a way to show students the diversity of the different Latino cultures. The Hummingbird Sings invites you as a teacher to take your students on a trip around Latin America through music. This music CD includes 19 songs that were recorded by the fabulous Grupo Cántaro.  

If you are looking to bring authentic resources to your Spanish class, this musical collection is a “must have” for Spanish teachers. Not only is the music beautiful, but the book itself is a work of art. You can use the illustrations to introduce the songs and also to talk about the different vocabulary and phrases in each song. These pictures will give your students a chance to talk about colors and animals – as well as to locate the countries where the songs come from on a map.

I am lucky enough to already have a copy of this book thanks to The Secret Mountain Publishing company, who asked me to review it. I am passionate about spreading the love for authentic music in the Spanish classroom, and one lucky teacher will get to add this music collection to her/his realia.

If you would like to participate in this giveaway and have the opportunity to win this awesome music,  just enter below to participate. Participants in the continental United States and Canada only. Winner will be announced on October 9th, 2018.

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Take Your Students on A Trip With This Awesome Puzzle!

As a Spanish teacher, I feel that teaching geography is a responsibility of mine. Due to the ages that I teach, I find it hard because many of the maps that show Latin America are either in English or are not simple enough for the eyes of my second and third grade students. 
I felt a relief when I received this puzzle. The picture is a piece of art and is simple enough for my students to put together. I have used this puzzle as a center for early finishers and they absolutely love it. I often use a corner in my classroom for students from different classes to work on the puzzle collectively, adding pieces when they have time.

This puzzle has become a collaborative project in my room, serving as a thread to connect all of my students throughout the week. And the best is when I hear them reading the names of the countries in Spanish or making comments such as “I didn’t know Colombia is next to Ecuador.” Children always come to my classroom asking for el rompecabezas. It’s an activity that engages them easily and allows them to work in groups. They have made it a challenge and can’t wait to finish and see the final result. This will take your students on virtual trips to different places in Latin America. 
This puzzle has worked great for my students and I am sure it will work for your students too. This puzzle was created by a Spanish teacher who knows the importance of including geography in foreign language curriculum. To learn more about this great teaching tool please visit their Amazon store or like the their page on Facebook. I would love one of our readers to have one these awesome puzzles! 
And, with students who know where the Equator is, here’s to hoping I never get asked if it’s “winter” in Colombia with students who know not to assume that all of South America is south of the Equator! 

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RockAlingua Has A DVD Now! {Review & Giveaway}

I have been a fan of Rockalingua since it started. This small company is run by Cesar Chinchilla, a talented elementary Spanish teacher based in California.

I have firsthand experience using the songs in my classes, and they truly engage my students. I was pleased to learn that Rockalingua released a DVD that includes 13 fun songs. This DVD has colorful and live animations that students love. The songs are well paced and allow space for repetition in class. Some of the tracks even include a karaoke version!

I have used this DVD as a warm up in my classes or as a way to support my units. This DVD has become my students’ favorite, and many of them ask for it every class. 

Rockalingua has a great collection of songs and videos in their online store. You can purchase the songs and videos as you develop your lessons or get everything with a yearly membership. 

Giveaway Time!

I am lucky enough to own my very own Rockalingua DVD. I would love one of my readers to own a copy too! To participate, enter below. Winners will be announced on Monday, September 29th, 2014. World wide participants are welcome! ¡Buena suerte!

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Let “Coloreando” Bring The Colors of Traditional Music to Your Spanish Class

Coloreando is one of the newest music CD’s featuring Marta Gómez, a Colombian singer and songwriter. This music CD has 17 songs, all sung by Marta who, in my opinion, is the Colombian equivalent of Mercedes Sosa. Not only does her voice entertain children, but it’s also great  for grownups. I have been a fan of Marta ever since her time filling the streets of Cambridge, by Harvard Square, with good music. At the time she was a student at the Berklee College of Music. I have been following closely and try not to miss any of her concerts in Boston. 

I am very excited to learn about this new album for children, created to support Global Language Project, a non-profit organization that helps bring foreign languages to public school children in the New York area.

Coloreando has 17 traditional songs that any Spanish teacher from an ELE or bilingual program should have in their collection. If you are looking for truly cultural music to bring your students, this music CD is a must!

One of my favorite songs is “Un Elefante,” not only because I have good memories from having grown up singing it, but also because Marta makes it very fun. I put together this set of props that go along with the song. You can download your own elefantes, telaraña and araña here! This song can also be used as a game where you invite volunteers to jump on an imaginary spiderweb. 

Make sure to visit Global Language Project and Marta Gomez on Facebook to stay tuned about their news and exciting projects! Coloreando is available on the Global Language Project website.

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I would love two lucky readers to have a chance to win a CD for their classes. Just enter below to participate! Winners will be announced on Friday, February 7th, 2014. United Stated only!

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Rockalingua Will Make Your Spanish Class Rock {Review and Giveaway}

I teach in a FLES program and have discovered that it is not an easy task  to find the right songs which help teach in the target language. It’s common for a song to have too much vocabulary or to be boring or not engaging enough to maintain student interest. I am also a songwriter which means that I have my own collection of music for my classes, but I always like to try out new songs to incorporate into my curriculum.

However, this is not the case with RockAlingua.  I was amazed by the engagement of my students when I taught one of RockAlingua’s songs called “Los Días de la Semana.” The song is very repetitive – in a fun and good way- so much so that children were singing along after a few seconds of hearing the song. I now use this song as part of my “warmup ritual” in class, and my students ask to sing many of RockAlingua’s songs everyday. The program has complementary videos for some of the songs, and the animation really commands my student’s attention.
I believe one of the main reasons RockAlingua works so well in my classes is that it was created by an elementary Spanish teacher who knows how important repetition and creating context are when teaching a language. Musicians who haven’t been teachers don’t always get this. RockAlingua creates meaningful context for your students. The children not only get to learn the songs, but the program includes complimentary materials to keep exploring the vocabulary and provide a space for practice: worksheets, videos, picture dictionaries, and games. Some of these features require a full membership, and others are free.

You can visit their website to learn more about the program and maybe even decide to start a free trial! You can also follow RockAlingua on Facebook to stay tuned and learn all about their new materials and freebies.
My students enjoy these songs, and since I own a CD, I would love three lucky readers to have a chance to win a CD for their classes. Just enter below to participate! Winners will be announced on Friday, January 31, 2014. United States Only!

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Snacks That Teach Spanish {Review and Giveaway}

Have you ever thought of a snack that brings some excitement to your Spanish class? I just found a great one! Dick and Jane Educational Snacks are the perfect snack to share with your students. They are not only educational, but made of wholesome ingredients and are nut free, which means they’re safe to have in your classroom if you have any students with allergies to nuts.

I also have to say that the cookies are deliciosas. I ate a whole box while writing this review! This product will add a lot of fun to your classes and students get good brain food while learning new vocabulary in Spanish. Each cookie has a clear and simple picture with bilingual writing to accompany it, which helps everyone understand the vocabulary.

Each box contains some of the most common vocabulary words explored in Spanish classes. Cookies are produced in categories such us family members, greetings, weather and seasons, animals, fruits, numbers from 1 to 10, and more! So far you can find 50 words and 10 numbers, and Dick and Jane aim to expand the range of vocabulary to 360 words. The  more the merrier for us, the Spanish teachers 🙂

How to eat these yummy cookies while learning?

These yummy cookies can be used to introduce, review, or reinforce vocabulary in your classes.


To play this game you will need to download the free call-out cards here for you to announce one vocabulary word at a time. Once you have the cards ready, distribute two or three cookies to each child in the class. They can eat a cookie only when you call that item from your call-out card. A student can win once she devours all her cookies. To make it harder, you can also tell students that they have to wait to eat until you call the names of all the vocabulary on their cookies. They can saylotería, and then enjoy the cookies in one yummy moment of indulgence!

Download cards HERE


Post different sentences on the board. Distribute the cookies among the children and invite them to complete the sentences according to the vocabulary represented on their cookies. Again, they can only eat them after they complete the sentence.

Guess the word!

Cover a cookie with a napkin and have your students guess the word. You may use the call-out cards from the Lotería for this game. Students can earn a chance to eat a cookie when they guess the word.

Spell the words

What a great opportunity to review the alphabet in Spanish. Ask your students to spell each word in the cookie before eating it.

If you would like to learn more about Dick & Jane Educational Snacks, visit their website. Stay up to date with them and tuned in for more fun on their Facebook page.

The Giveway!
If you would like to have 10 boxes of these fun, yummy, and educational snacks (yes, 10 boxes!), here is an opportunity for you to win them and bring more learning to your class. Just enter below to participate. The winner will be announced on Saturday, November 23rd, 2013. United States only.

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