About Me

¡Hola! I am Carolina, a Colombian Spanish teacher based in Boston, MA. Fun for Spanish Teachers is the direct result of my passion for teaching Spanish to children and my desire to inspire collaboration and creativity in a vibrant teaching and learning community. It’s the perfect stop if you are looking for songs, games, and fun for your classes. 

I am happily married to an American who shares the passion for languages with me. He and I have the most wonderful children who are being raised in a bilingual casita and enjoy the benefits of both cultures. As part of our commitment to raising bilingual children we travel to Colombia whenever we have a bit of time free so our children can spend time with abuelito and abuelita while being immersed in Spanish and enjoy everything from abuelita’s kitchen.

I hold a B.A in Modern Language from La Universidad del Valle in Colombia and a Masters in Intercultural Relations from Lesley University. I am also the founder of of 1-2-3 Spanish Together™, an early language program designed to teach young children Spanish through music and movement.  I currently teach Spanish at the elementary level in  private school in the Austin area. As a teacher, I had difficulty finding music to teach Spanish as a foreign language to children, and, as a result, I have created many of the songs in the curriculum.
I can say that my love for other languages started when I was very young, but grew even bigger when I first met my husband who at that time was a first year teacher in a bilingual school in Colombia where I was also new to teaching English to children. With his little Spanish I made it my challenge to help him learn the language, and I really enjoyed every single bit of it. During our first year of marriage, we divided the house in different rooms where we could only use Spanish or English, and a room where both languages were allowed. It was extremely fun; it  not only helped him, but me with my English, too.
When we moved to the United States,  with  my background as a language teacher I moved to teaching Spanish to children and I am extremely glad  I moved to the US because here I really found my passion for teaching Spanish to young learners.
I am glad Fun for Spanish Teachers is a place where I can continue spreading the love of teaching Spanish to young  learners through  contributions and experiences as a mom and a teacher. I look forward to posting more and interacting with many of you!