We have already started the countdown to the holidays and the end of the year.  The days before a break are often difficult. We feel tired, that we are running out of ideas, energy, or both.

Something that works very well for me these days is planning classes in which I know my students can relax a bit. I focus on sharing a little about some of the traditions that I grew up with in Colombia and do art activities. I have to be honest, the art activities require a bit of preparation on my part because time with my students is limited but generally the result is positive and I feel like it was worth the investment in that preparation time.

In the interest of keeping this post short,  I thought you might like this list of resources for the last days of the school year in 2021. This list includes resources on my blog and Teachers Pay Teachers:

  1. La maleta
  2. Las doce uvas
  3. El Año Viejo (Story and Craft)
  4. ¡A mi también! – Game (Winter Version)
  5. A Winter Song (Props)

Wishing you a lot of peace and health!