Knowing how to pronounce your students’ names correctly is one of the most valuable things to start connecting with your students from day 1. Below you will find some tips that might help:

Get Ready in Advance
  • Take a look at your class lists. Don’t assume that you already know how to pronounce your students’ names.
  • Investigate prior to your class the name each student goes by or their preferred name.
On The First Day in Class
  • Ask each student to say their name. Repeat their name back by saying “Hola, (insert student’s name). ¡Mucho gusto!”
  • Let your students know that is ok for them to correct you if you mispronounce their names.
  • You might want to make a video of your students saying their names, recording their voice on a device, or ask them to use platforms such as Seesaw for them to record themselves saying their names. Use the recordings or videos to practice your students’ names.
Decorating Nameplates

This will require a little preparation on your part.

  • Look for bubble fonts in places such as Teachers Pay Teachers. You can find free and paid fonts there. Just make sure to read the clipart artists’ terms of use to know if they can be used in your classroom. Many of them allow them for free when using personal resources.
  • Once you know your student’s preferred name, create a document where you type your student’s name in a rectangle not bigger than 2 inches wide.
  • Cut each nameplate out.
  • Give your students time in class to decorate their nameplates.
  • Keep the nameplates in your classroom. You can use them for grouping activities, keeping track of turns, for other name activities, and so on!
  • This actually works better than the numbered sticks and students love seeing you use something that they worked on!

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