It’s official! 2021 is about to end. Do you make a list of resolutions for the New Year?

I confess that for many years I dedicated myself to making lists with resolutions but since I never achieved them, I stopped doing it. I have decided that if there is something I want to change, any time is a good time to do so. Obviously there is nothing wrong with having a list of resolutions or goals, because for some people with more discipline than I have (!), they sure can work. Having a visual with the resolutions list may help.

With regards to the school year, in my opinion and experience, this year has not been easier than the previous one. In my case, I am teaching in person, and it is nice to be able to share the same physical space with my students, but it is difficult when some must be at home due to quarantine. Also, the mask can cause a little more fatigue and I also have to be on my toes, thinking about teaching the curriculum and staying safe with masks and distance, too.

My philosophy of life is to take one day at a time and sometimes go with the situation a bit. Take moments in the day to pause, unplug, and breathe. Something that has worked very well in some of my classes is having minutes of silence. To be honest I started using them because I needed a transition space between classes. I didn’t think my students were going to like it and was surprised when they started asking for it. It’s not complicated at all. I just use Google’s “timers” and schedule it for one or two minutes. The students decide what to do during those two minutes of total silence. Some close their eyes or practice breathing exercises, while others color or simply look and observe their surroundings. It feels totally peaceful and is a way to give ourselves a break as a group. I highly recommend it!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, for reading my messages and my blog, for purchasing my resources, and for interacting with me and with the content that I share on different social networks. For that and much more, thanks a million!

Well, I don’t want this post to be any longer than it already is. I can only wish you the best for 2022. Have a year full of peace, health, and tranquility!

Until next year!