Running around with a maleta (suitcase) in one of the most fun traditions to do at the end of the year. This tradition requires some preparation, but not many things. All you need is a suitcase, some clothes in it, desire to travel during the new year, and a passport if you have one.You only have five minutes to run around the block before the year ends, thinking about all the places you want to go in the new year. 
I have to be honest that I have done this a few times and have gotten great results!

This is an opportunity to pull out a map and point out all the Spanish speaking countries in the world. If possible, use GoogleEarth to take a virtual trip, then invite your students to get their suitcases ready (see freebie below). 
Depending on the level of your students,  you can choose the difficulty of their task. They could complete simple sentences such as “Yo quiero visitar _______________” or write a longer paragraph about the place where they want to go. For example:
1. Yo quiero visitar Colombia.
2. Colombia está en América del Sur.
3. En Colombia se habla español.
4. Los colores de la bandera de Colombia son amarillo, azul y rojo.

Make sure your students have their pasaportes in their suitcases, and have fun running around the room!
Grab your freebie HERE!
Have fun!