This has to be one of the most engaging activities that I have used with my early elementary students. With the support of technology, I have animated their drawings, and this has consistently surprised them each time we reach this point. I followed the steps below:

  1. Asked my students to make a drawing of one character using a pencil. I also instructed them to trace them using a black pen and then add color.
  2. Digitalized their drawings by taking pictures or scanning them.
  3. Used the website Animated Drawings to animate the drawings.
  4. Downloaded the videos.
  5. Created a presentation using Canva, with one slide displaying the drawing and the next slide showcasing the animations.
  6. During class, projected the presentation and asked the illustrator or owner of the picture some questions about it (name, favorite color, favorite animal, and fruit) to create their personalities. Typed their answers.
  7. While in Canva, searched for pictures to support the answers.
  8. Clicked “Present” on Canva, and read aloud the information about the character.
  9. Revealed the animation.

This activity has been great for asking questions and having my students respond to them. Since I only focus on one character per class, it provides repetition in a fun way. This requires low preparation since I only digitalize and animate one character before each class, taking about three minutes. It’s worth the giggles and joy!