Huevogram Fun in Spanish

Yes, it that time of the year when the Easter huevos (eggs) filled with candy are all over the place in the United States. I always love to use them in my classes to review colors in Spanish or hide small objects in them to have my students guess what’s inside.

This year I decided to challenge my third grade students by scrambling words they had to first organize to then be able to find what was inside the eggs. If you are ready to try this in your classes you will need plastic Easter eggs, Velcro, and tape. I have added a link to different vocabulary you can print, cut, laminate using clear tape, and stick to the egg using Velcro, place an object or small picture inside the egg and scramble the word. Only let the children open the egg after they have the word put together.

Click HERE to download free files for this activity!
You can also divide the word by syllables and have the children create silly words by twisting the halves of the egg to line up the first half and last half of the word (see photo). They can even draw the silly creation later. For example, how about a “vato”, the result of mixing vaca and gato? Children eat this up, and it adds a nice dimension of fun to the classroom!

Fun For Spanish Teachers

Celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday in Spanish Class: ¿Dónde está el gato?

As a Spanish teacher in the United States I always try to include cultural themes, but I also want to ensure that I connect my curriculum with what the children are exploring in their own classrooms that may have nothing to do with regional or ethnic culture. For example, this week is Dr Seuss’ birthday, and children are very excited about it. At my school, they even get to wear their pajamas all day and read a variety of books written by Dr. Seuss to celebrate.

What a great opportunity to bring that kind of fun and excitement to Spanish class! I created a very simple game I called  “¿Dónde está el gato?” I used it with my Pre-K and Kindergarten classes, but it can be adapted for higher grades as well.
In preparation for the game, I printed ten Dr Seuss’ red and white Cat-in-the-Hat hats. I cut them and pasted them on construction paper (see picture below). I also printed a picture of The Cat in the Hat character. 

During class I counted the hats with the children, went over the colors, and reviewed the names of a few animals. I displayed the hats in the room and hid the cat under one of the hats while the children covered their eyes. I then asked a child in the class to take two turns trying to find the cat, while the rest were chanting, “¿Dónde está el gato?” The child looking for the cat had to say “¿Aquí está el gato?” and the class responded “Si, allí está el gato” or  “No, allí no está el gato”. I always model these kinds of sentences before and during any game.


You can find more characters for the children to find under the hat.

You can write numbers on the hats and have the children ask “¿Está debajo del 10?” or “¿Está debajo del 2?”

Have fun!
Fun For Spanish Teachers

Giveway: Song and booklet to teach feelings in Spanish!!!

I am extremely excited to share that I have partnered with Tabitha at FlapJack Education Resources for this freebie! I love all her materials and asked if we could  combine forces to create this awesome giveaway for our Facebook “likers.” 
You will be able to have one of my songs, “La Cancion de los Sentimientos,” and a set of printables to teach the song.

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3.     Once I have reached the magic “500 Likers” number, I will publish the links where everyone can download the printables and song! There will be a limited time for the materials to be downloaded.
4. Have fun teaching!

Fun For Spanish Teachers

Giveaway: Mi Clase de Música: Multiple Intelligences in one music CD!

In a recent summer trip to Colombia, I had the opportunity to meet Freddy Morales, an early childhood educator who teaches music and movement classes to young children.

I had the opportunity to experience a class myself as a parent with my daughter who at that time was three years old. As a teacher of young children myself, I was impressed with how talented Freddy was in his ability to make connections with the children. Since I had a wonderful experience in his classes, I later discovered that he was teaching music and movement classes for babies at a learning center called  Tralalá and happily enrolled my second child in a class just for babies! This time I learned that Freddy had his own music CD’s, and the main focus was to teach “music and movement” through multiple intelligences. My baby not only had a fun and educational time in his classes, but he also get to benefit from his music CD at home, where he dances to it in his high chair on a daily basis!

Freddy’s CD,  Mi Clase de Música”  has 13 tracks, and each track is geared toward exploring one or more intelligences. This music CD also has a lot of repetition, something that is very important for young children. It includes some Colombian rhythms and is full of a lot of fun. I have used some of the songs with my own students and they enjoy this production a lot.  This music CD has been recorded in Colombia and is only in Spanish, a plus if you are looking for authentic materials to bring to your classes or use at home with your children.

The Giveway!

We would like one of our Facebook “likers”  to be the first one to get a copy. We will be giving away the  Mi Clase de Música”  CD so you can sing our songs in your classroom with your students or at home with your child.
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Giveaway ends on January 31st, 2012 10:00 pm Eastern time
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