In case you are still wondering how to add some fun to your choice boards, a gif of yourself can never go wrong!

I am now creating videos, making choice boards, and asynchronous lessons while the school is slowly transitioning to in-person classes. I know! It sounds like a backwards plan, but I think it is the best the school can do right now to support students who are in the classroom and those who continue with home learning.

That said, adding GIF’s to my choice boards has been something my younger students love seeing.

Here are the steps:

  1. Make a short video of yourself.
  2. Upload it to the website to remove the background. It will only allow 6 seconds. Download the short gif to your computer (gif = graphics interchange format).
  3. Create a background with Canva. You can use animated images. Educators can use Canva for free!
  4. Upload your gif to Canva and place it on the background you created.
  5. Download it again from Canva as a gif.
  6. Place it on your choice boards and have fun!

I am sure there are other faster ways to do this, but this works great for me. If you know of another way to do it, please share it with us all in the comments.


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How is your school year going so far? Respond using emojis only! ?

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Have fun!