If you feel like every break is like a mini back-to-school period, here are some tips that you might find helpful. What other tips would you add to this list? More than happy to read all your tips and learn from you!

Check On Your Students

Although the break was meant to rest, we never know what our students could have experienced or gone through during the break. Greet them at the door or at the beginning of class with a simple “how are you today?” or drawing how you yourself are feeling using an emoji might help. 

Keep It Simple

Give some time for your students to adjust. We know the first days after the break are tiring not only for us but also for our students. There is no need to rush into the class content right away. Use the first class as a warm up class, playing some of your favorite games. Doing your favorite brain breaks and mental pauses might be ideal!

Año Nuevo, Vida Nueva

This doesn’t necessarily translate into our classroom community. We are getting ready for the continuation of the school year.

Although the break gives you an opportunity to introduce new routines, it’s also a time to reinforce what has been working great in your classes already. 

Continue Working On Building Relationships With Your Students

Especially for World Language teachers who don’t get to see their students often, looking for opportunities to connect and get to know your students is an ongoing process.

Review Your Classroom Norms, Rules, Routines, And Procedures

It doesn’t matter what you call them or what system you have in place in your classes,  just be sure to reinforce and keep working on a safe classroom environment for every student in your class. It’s important to talk about them, model them, and practice them a lot! This is also an opportunity to rethink and get rid of what hasn’t been working in your classes.


You might have already been doing this in your classes. If you haven’t done it yet, this is a great time to start adding times in your class for you and your students to pause. This might look different in every class, but taking the time to breathe, making time for quiet moments or listening to relaxing music, and allowing space for everyone to rest.

¡Un día a la vez!