Last December I had the opportunity to attend the PoCC conference, and, on my second day, I found a session that was about exploring race and identity in early childhood. This session was filled with beautiful ideas that can be adapted to Spanish class. I really loved this idea that I have been using during the first weeks of school with my second graders. Some of them get excited when the class said “Me gusta, me gusta, me gusta tu nombre”. This is a simple activity that doesn’t require a lot of preparations, and it’s great to celebrate your students’ names and identities! This activity is also a great opportunity to learn how to pronounce your students’ names correctly. Don’t be afraid of asking your students to say their names again for you.

You will need: 

  1. A jar or container
  2. Paper
  3. Pencils
  4. Color pencils or markers


  1. Give your students a piece of paper, big enough to place in the jar or container.
  2. Have your students write their names on the paper or write it for them if needed. They can use different colors and decorate them.
  3. If teaching virtually, you can still ask your students to decorate their name at home and send you a picture that you can later print or place in a slide to use during class. 
  4. Modification: You can create a wheel of names using this free website.

How does it work?

  • Teach the structure “Me gusta.”
  • This can be used during circle time or as part of the routine in your class. This is not a one-time activity. You can take as long as you and your students need and spiral back anytime during the school year. 
  • Place all the names in the container or jar. 
  • The teacher or a volunteer in class takes one name at a time and asks “¿Quién es (complete with the name)?
  • Your students can raise their hands and/or respond by saying “yo” if they are ready for output.

Then the class responds “Me gusta, me gusta, me gusta tu nombre.”

  • If teaching remotely, use the wheel name website to create a roulette wheel with names and then ask your students to show their names when you call them.
  • Make it a big celebration!


Have fun!