This summer, I am thrilled to be participating in different professional development opportunities for world language educators, where I will be one of the presenters. These sessions are organized by two renowned organizations, Klett WL and the World Language Teacher Summit, and will focus on aspects of world language teaching.

One of my presentations, titled “A Back-to-School Checklist for Elementary Teachers,” will be hosted by Klett World Languages, a leading educational publisher. I have the honor of presenting alongside Valentina Correa, also known as Profe Valentina. This session aims to provide elementary teachers with a comprehensive checklist to help them effectively kickstart the new school year. We will cover various essential elements, including classroom setup, curriculum planning, and instructional strategies. Participants will learn how to create a student-centered environment that fosters language acquisition and engagement. We will discuss the importance of creating a welcoming classroom atmosphere, organizing materials and resources, and establishing routines and procedures. This presentation will equip teachers with practical tools and strategies to ensure a successful start to the academic year.


In my second presentation, titled “Empowering Early Language Learners Through Engaging Topics and Activities,” I will be collaborating with The World Language Teacher Summit. This session will focus on enriching the language learning experience for young students by incorporating engaging topics and activities into the curriculum. By selecting topics that resonate with young learners, teachers can create meaningful connections and facilitate language acquisition. I will also demonstrate a range of engaging activities suitable for different age groups. Participants will leave with a repertoire of creative ideas and resources to engage and empower their early language learners.

The conference will take place from July 17th to 21st. Each presentation will be free for 48 hours. However, if you are unable to attend during that week, don’t worry! You have the option to upgrade to the All-Access Pass, which provides unlimited access to the entire event and exclusive bonuses. If you register for the free conference using my link and later decide to purchase the All-Access Pass, I will receive a portion of your purchase.


Furthermore, I will be presenting at the upcoming MaFLA (Massachusetts Foreign Language Association) conference in the fall. The session I will be leading is titled “Beyond Vocabulary Lists: Meaningful Topics for Early Language Learners.” This presentation will delve into aiding language acquisition beyond traditional vocabulary lists. I will discuss the importance of incorporating meaningful and relevant topics into the curriculum to engage early language learners. During the session, I will showcase practical strategies and activities that promote vocabulary acquisition through authentic and engaging experiences. I am looking forward to the conference and the opportunity to connect with educators who share the same passion for being language educators.

I hope you can join in my in any of these conference or in all of them!