As any world language teacher will tell you, if you want to teach your students languages, you need to keep them engaged and motivated at the same time as you maintain a balance in your life. This conference will bring you new ideas to maintain your energy, pivot with the newest challenges, and keep your students excited. 

This October 17th,  Jared Romey is back, hosting another online conference for world language teachers packed full of innovative and creative strategies to help you connect with your students, share your passion for languages and get them absolutely loving your class!


Whether you’re a brand-new to teaching world languages or have been at it for years, you’ll find tons of great ideas and actionable info from world-class experts such as Diego Ojeda, Kia London, Allison Wienhold, Olly Richards, Margarita Perez Garcia, Bertha Delgadillo, Stacy Cannady, and many more. 

I will be presenting at this conference along with Profe Valentina on a session that will help you bring stories to your Spanish classes! Register free now to watch our session on October 18th. Click HERE to register now! 

See you soon!