I can’t believe 2018 is almost over! Thank you for all the support I receive from you, my readers throughout the world. I truly enjoy receiving messages that share how my blog has inspired new ideas in other classrooms or helped other teachers, or that express a simple hola to connect with me. This year I gave a new look to my page in the hopes of making it an easier space for teachers to navigate. I truly hope it has been more intuitive and even fun to spend time on my page!

I started this blog about 8 years ago, when I was the only Spanish teacher in a school where I taught in Boston. I started it as a way to connect with other teachers. Soon after I started this blog, I was able to meet other teachers in the area and created a small group that met face to face once per month to exchange ideas.

Seeing that Facebook was also a place to reach more teachers, I opened a page for the blog, and recently, with all the changes with Facebook, two years ago a Facebook group called “Profes de ELE para niños” was born. I am telling you a little bit of the history of this blog to let you know that this blog wouldn’t exist without you! The awesome teachers who’ve inspired me every day!

Here are my posts that were most popular during 2018! Make sure to visit each post to download the resources that go along with them.

5. Classroom Management in an Elementary Spanish Class

In this post I share some ideas of how my students and I make our classroom a safe space for learning.

4. An Activity for The First Weeks of Spanish Class

Great ice breaker activity. The post includes 20 slides for students to find things in common and connect with their classmates.

3. Must Haves for Elementary Spanish Teachers

This post is a list of some items that I currently have in my classroom and have worked well for me.

2. Fun Call and Response Chants in Spanish

Five call and response chants that I use to help my students transition into my class.

1. La Frase de la Semana

I currently use the phrase of the week with my third to fifth grade students. It’s a way to greet them and also for them to learn some useful phrases.

Have an awesome end of 2018 and a próspero 2019!