Happy New Year! Wishing everyone who reads this blog an awesome year! I wanted to start my first blog of the year by recommending some free and paid resources for your classes. Here is the list:

Printable Calendar

I updated the calendar I shared last year. I added some images and now the pages are not dated. This will allow you to save the files for the upcoming years. Click here to download your free pages.

Feliz Año Nuevo Sign

I also shared this last year! This sign is great to welcome your students back to your class! Click here to download it.

End of The Year Traditions

It’s never too late to share with your students the traditions people practice in some Spanish speaking countries: El Año Viejo, las doce uvas y la maleta.

El Día de Reyes

I wrote a short story to use with my kindergarten students. This story works great to introduce the lower elementary grades to the Día de Reyes celebration in Puerto Rico. Download the story here. After reading the story, I had my kindergarten students decorate small paper bags and put grass in the bags for the camels. I made sure to let them know that this is something some children in Puerto Rico do the night before January 6th. Since this is not a tradition that belongs to our culture, I will be the one putting something little in the bags. Usually a pencil with a small eraser.


Remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This is one of my goals for the new year,  finding ways to incorporate and make connections with social justice topics in our curriculum. Last year I shared some printables to use in Spanish class. Click here to download them.

I also have an activity packet with teaching tips available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Last, but not least, this is a fun ice breaker activity that will be get everyone moving. I recommend this activity for grades 3 and up! Click here to download the activity.

Have fun!



I can’t believe this is my last post for this October. I just wanted to share these cute Halloween stickers in Spanish that I made to give my students. You can use them as rewards for your games or celebrations for Halloween.

They are made to be printed on the Avery Square Labels (22816)***, or any kind of labels that are 2×2 inches. These stickers will be great to practice vocabulary related to Halloween. I plan to have my older students create sentences and short stories with the different characters. Please feel free to share your ideas using these stickers in the comment box.

This is the included vocabulary:

la casa encantada

la calabaza

la araña

la bruja


el fantasma

el dulce

el vampiro

los dulces

la bruja

el sombrero

la momia

Download your stickers here!

Have fun!

***Affiliate link



This is a fun Halloween game for lower elementary Spanish. In preparation for the game, print the pages more than once, laminate them, and put them in a bag. Use the big flashcards to introduce or review the emotions vocabulary in this game. You can also use the cards to play “charades.” Place all the cards in a bag, including the cards that say “¡Qué horror” and “¡Es Halloween.”

Divide your class into groups, depending on the number of students you have. You can have from 2 to 4 groups. Explain the rules of the game and the meaning of each card to the children. Each group takes turns taking the cards out of the bag. If they take the “Qué horror” card, it means they have to put 1 card back into the bag. If they get the “¡Es Halloween!” card, it means they get another turn.  You can decide the amount of time you want to play the game. At the end, the group that has the most wins!  Click here or on the pictures to download your game!

Thanks to Partyhead Graphics for the awesome clipart!

Have fun!

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