Nothing like welcoming the spring in Spanish class! After the long winter months everyone is looking forward to all the beautiful things the spring brings with it.

This game is an adaptation of the Responsive Classroom game called “Just like me” – (see my post about it!).This game is  simple, and can be used with any age group and in any setting. Students can sit in a circle or in rows, however works best for you and your students. You can either project these slides or print the cards. Talk to your class to get into a common agreement of what action or movement they should do whenever they identify with the cards. For example, in my classes we jump and raise our hands while saying “¡A mí también!”.

Once you and your students know how to react to a card they identify with, you can begin by showing and reading a card aloud to your class. Whoever identifies with the card should say ” ¡A mí también!” and use the gesture or movement you agreed on. After reading one of the cards, you might pause and ask your students more information about it. For example, if you show the card that says “En la primavera me gustan las flores” and some of your students identified with it, you may ask questions such as “¿De qué color te gustan las flores?” or “¿Qué tipo de flores te gustan?” and so on! You and your students can decide when you stop the game.

Click on the pictures or HERE to download the game.

Would you love to play this game at different times during the school year? I’ve go you covered! Click on the links below to download the versions for different seasons!

El verano

El otoño 

El invierno

Not enough sliders or cards in the game? Ask your students to write and illustrate their own cards to add more to the game!

Have fun!

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