The end of this month is fast approaching! There are so many great things that we can do in our classes, but with limited time, especially in the elementary classrooms, we have to choose intentionally.
If you are still deciding what to do, I’m sharing some options with you here. The list includes resources for elementary, middle and high school students! Some of the resources are on my blog and others are available on Teachers Pay Teachers.
Día de Muertos
Blog Posts:
  1. Talking About Día de Muertos in Spanish Class
  2. Day of the Dead Books for Elementary Students
  3. A Collection of Day of the Dead Resources
  4. Day of the Dead Celebration in Sumpango, Guatemala
  5. What Happens on All Saint’s Day in Colombia
Teachers Pay Teachers 

Blog Posts:
  1. ¿Qué prefieres? – Halloween Themed Game
  2. Five Halloween Songs
  3. Free Halloween Stickers in Spanish

Teachers Pay Teachers 

I hope you find the resources above helpful!