This Halloween game is sure to be a hit with your younger students! It’s not only fun, but it also promotes teamwork and creativity. You can choose to prepare multiple sets for different groups or create one big pumpkin for the entire class to work on together. Here’s how it works:

  1. Call out a part of the pumpkin face (for example, “the nose” or “the mouth”).
  2. Have your students eagerly search for the correct part and then add it to the pumpkin as a group.
  3. Once they’ve successfully assembled the entire face, encourage them to label each part. This not only enhances their knowledge of the pumpkin’s anatomy but also their language skills.

To make this activity even more durable and reusable, consider laminating the pumpkin parts. This way, you can enjoy this game year after year. I recommend using a cookie tray or a magnetic board as a base, which makes it easy to manipulate the parts

Download your freebie HERE!