As the warmer months approach, it’s a great time to infuse some summer fun into your Spanish language classes! One way to do this is by introducing the chant “Ponle las gafas al sol” (Put Sunglasses on the Sun), which is not only easy to teach but also a lot of fun.

To get started, all you need are a few materials, such as paper and scissors, to create a paper sun and some paper sunglasses. The chant itself is short and simple, consisting of just a few lines that can be easily memorized by students of all ages and levels of Spanish proficiency.

As you lead your students in chanting “Sol, sol, sol, amarillo es tu color” (Sun, sun, sun, yellow is your color), you can incorporate some movement and gestures to make the experience even more engaging. For example, students can hold up their paper sunglasses as they sing, or even take turns placing them on the paper sun.

This chant is a great way to not only introduce some fun into your classroom, but it’s also a great way to welcome the summer season to your classes!

Sol, sol, sol,

Amarillo es tu color.

¡Es verano y llegó el calor!*

Your students are sure to love it, and you may just find that it’s a great way to keep them engaged and motivated throughout the season. ¡Feliz verano! (Happy summer!) 
Have fun!

*This chant was written by Carolina Gómez, the Spanish teacher behind Fun for Spanish Teachers ©2012