This game is another fave in my classes. Quick to put together and great to review vocabulary while adding some movement. This game is known by different names, but I call it “Aguacate” in my classes.Use flashcards with different vocabulary you have explored with your students. For example, colors, numbers, seasons, animals, and so on!



Look for clipart of something that’s making movement. In this case, I chose a jumping avocado, and called the game “aguacate.” You can choose another clipart that works well for your classes and name it differently. I call this card the movement card. Print about 10 of them.


Mix all the vocabulary flashcards, and place the movement cards in the group of cards. They should be in different places in your group of cards.


Have your students say the name of every vocabulary card, and do the movement every time they see the movement card.

For example, if you follow this video it would be: Amarillo, azul, aguacate (jump), anaranjado, rojo, aguacate (jump) and so on! You can decide as a group how to end the game. Need the cards to download the game? Click HERE!!


See the game in action!

Have fun!