Zoom burnout  is real! After I completed my 3rd week teaching online, one of the things that made me tired the most was the amount of time I was spending in front of a computer every day. Some of my students were not only attending our Zoom classes but also having to complete assignments afterwards. One of the things I appreciate is when my own kids get assignments from their teachers that invite them to be creative and away from the computer. With that in mind, I wanted to think of ideas children can do at home to a least get them to think in Spanish a bit.

Here are some off-screen activities you can recommend your students do at home. Click HERE to download them all:

  1. Label the rooms in the house.
  2. Classify objects by color
  3. Group objects by number
  4. Play a counting game in Spanish.
  5. Play hopscotch naming things in Spanish. If there is not chalk available, make a small hopscotch on a piece of paper to play with your fingers. Time each person who plays it and see who can do it fastest.
  6. Read a story to your pet or plush toy.
  7. Put greetings on the door, just like many teachers do in their classrooms.
  8. Play a memory game with animal flashcards.
  9. Play a guessing game
  10. Sing a favorite song in Spanish

Have fun!


More resources for teaching Spanish available at Teachers Pay Teachers: