This is a twist on the traditional “Veo, veo” song/game. I used a short version and added a movement component to it. This game has been a hit in my in-person and virtual classes.

This game can be used with anything you are teaching in your classes. I have used it to review vocabulary, with images from stories for retelling and more!  As you can see in the video, I used it with my virtual students during our Zoom class and gave them access to the annotation tool.

How to play the game:

  1. One student chooses a picture of the chart projected in class. That same student says “Veo, veo” (I see, I see).
  2. The rest of the class responds by saying “¿Qué ves?” (What do you see?).
  3. The student that said “Veo, veo” says the name of the picture and also chooses a movement for everyone to do. For example, “Veo una cara feliz. ¡Corre!”.
  4. The rest of the participants start running (in place) once they see the picture.
  5. Then the student asks a volunteer to point at the picture, and the game starts all over again with a new student choosing the picture.

Here are some videos with the traditional game:

Have fun playing this game and let me know how it goes! Download the cards HERE!