November is here! What a great month to practice gratitude in a world language class. I know that teaching gratitude is not limited to just November, but it happens to be the month where we think the most about it. In fact, we should make it a habit because practicing being grateful should be an active part in our curriculums. Something great that I have learned from my colleagues is to end our class by thanking our students for learning with us, and the students also thank us for teaching them. We do this everyday in the target language.

Here are a couple of songs I love that involve giving thanks:

A la Madre Tierra damos gracias, por el alimento que nos da. Damos gracias, damos gracias, por nuestra salud y libertad.

Doy gracias por mis amigos porque me gusta jugar. Doy gracias por la música porque me gusta cantar. Doy gracias por mi maestra porque me gusta aprender. Doy gracias por comida porque me gusta comer. Doy gracias por mi familia y también por la amistad. El Día de Acción de Gracias nos trae felicidad.

Here is a hands on activity you can do together. Have your students make a gratitude necklace. You will need to download the template HERE , and print it on cardboard. Brain storm with your students what they are thankful for.

Have fun!

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