Looking to grow your library with easy readers? Here is an idea!

You can use “story asking” to create the stories along with your students. The sample you see in the video was done with a second grade class. In this case my role was to guide my students with the story. I asked questions such as ¿Qué animal hay? Two students proposed the animals, we voted , chose an answer, and then moved on to the next question. The last part was to come up with a title for the story, which we also did together.

There are different ways to ask your students details to add to the story. You can use images, story dice, story mats, and so on, but the basic way I described above has worked just great in my second grade classes!

Writing the story only took about 10 minutes. I read the final story to my students and then asked questions about it again.

In preparation for the next class I typed the story on different pages and printed it out. I asked some students to volunteer to read the story. Students chose the part of the story they wanted to illustrate.

In this case I only had ten students, but if you have more than ten, my suggestion is to print two sets of the same story and have your whole class illustrate the same story.

I also took a picture of the class, and I added it as the last page of the story which says “Autores,” and each student got to write their name in the picture.

Last, I laminated, bound the story, and added it to our small classroom library.

A quick note! The video is set at a faster speed so I could show you the process.