This is a fun song that will get everyone in your class moving. For this activity you will need a paper or puppet bunny. Place it in a bag or box, and have your students guess the name of the animal that could be inside. Once you introduce the bunny, tell the children that you have a “conejito
blanco,” and invite everyone to jump like the bunny. You also will need to pre-make some carrots      (using felt or paper) to feed the bunny. Give one carrot to each child in class. Tell your students that the bunny is hungry and that they will need to feed it with their carrots. Introduce each line in the song, and start singing with everyone.
One more idea is to have each student decorate a conejito finger puppet. Click HERE to download the template. Students should cut out the shape and the circles to place on their fingers.
Last, but not least, use this activity to review or introduce colors. Print and cut out each color bunny. Give them to your students. Instead of singing “el conejito blanco,”you can sing “el conejito azul,” replacing “blanco” with different colors. The students who have that color will jump around the room. Click HERE  to download the templates.
You can close this activity by reading the books suggested below:
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Big thanks to My Doodle Scrapbook and Teacher’s Tool Kit for their awesome talent and adorable clipart.
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