¿Quién Soy? Game {Beach Ball Version}

Second day of sharing! Yay! This activity is for second graders and up! For this activity you will need *inflatable beach balls and permanent markers. This will be a great introduction activity. Distribute the balls to each child. They will have to complete the following sentences:

1. Yo tengo _____ años.
2. Mi color favorito es ____________.
3. Mi animal favorito es ___________.
4. Mi número favorito es __________.
5. Yo tengo ojos de color __________.
6. Yo tengo pelo de color __________.
7. Yo soy un niño/ una niña.
8. ¿Quién soy?
Have you students make a circle. Place the balls in the middle of the circle. Give your students turns to read one ball each and guess who the student is.  The game ends when everyone in class has had a turn to read or guess the name of a student or have been found. Now, time to play with the balls!

¡Feliz verano!

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