Get Your Students Talking: Monos y Bananos

Exposing your students to a diverse vocabulary in class is very important, but it’s also important to remember that students need a lot of time to practice the content that the class is exploring.

I have been working hard to give my students space in my class for this kind of practice through activities that can give them enough structure and plenty of motivation. In my last blog post I shared an activity with you called “The Magic Tissue Box.” Now I am sharing another one called “Monos y Bananos.

To create the props for the activity you will need clothes pins and pictures of monkeys and bananas.

Create small circles and paste the pictures on the circles. Once the pictures are ready, glue them on the pins.

How does the activity work?
Divide the class into two groups: Monos and Bananos.
Make sure every student has the picture.
You can ask the monos to ask questions related to one of your themes. Monos can start asking and bananos will answer and viceversa. You could ask your students to stay with the same partner or ask them to move around the room asking the question to students on the opposite team.

Download the printables HERE!