With the current health situation world wide bringing school closure in some places, some teachers have been advised to come up with plans and ideas students can do at home. I have put together a list of online and printable resources that teachers can share with their students. As language teachers, we all know that these types of resources can’t ever replace the value of personal interaction and contact time with students, but in this situation, these resources can certainly come in handy and continue exposure to the language. I included printable resources and recommend teachers to put them together in packets just in case students don’t have internet access at home. All of these resources have access to free materials.

1. Online Free Spanish

2. Chillola 

 3.  Rockalingua: Games in Spanish 

4. Literacy Center in Spanish

4. Salsa Georgia 

5. CBeebies

6. Panda Tree

7. 1, 2, 3 Teach Me

8. Super Simple Español 


9. Spanish Together YouTube Channel

10. Spanish Playground

Printable Resources

1. Spanish 4 Teachers

2. Education: Worksheets and Printables

3. Fun for Spanish Teachers: Free Printables

Stay healthy,