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¡Hola! Thanks for stopping by! If you are all about teaching Spanish to children, this is the right place to be. This blog is the place where I can connect virtually with other teachers, share my experiences in the classroom, and give back to the teaching community. Whether you’re a new or veteran teacher, we can always learn from each other! So just let me welcome you with a big bienvenida!

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I am extremely happy that you have made it to my blog. I would like to welcome parents, educators and communities out there who share the love and passion of teaching Spanish to children.

A song to teach names of fruits in Spanish

¿Cuántas manzanas hay?Vamos a contar cuántas manzanas hay,vamos a contar cuántas manzanas hay.¿Cuántas manzanas hay?Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez.¡Diez manzanas!Learn other names of fruits in Spanish and replace the word manzanas for...

Sí, no

Si, noClick here to buy song                                                        This song is very short but catchy. Children really enjoy sing this song  a lot!Materials neededPuppetTeaching tipsUse a similar procedure to the one used in the previous activity “Las...

Fun activities with the Advent calendar

If you are a Spanish teacher in the United States, make sure you acknowledge that you might have children who come from different cultural backgrounds and celebrate different holidays. However, you can share with your children that Navidad is celebrated by a majority...

Easy pumpkin face craft

Materials: Felt, scissors, pumpkin, velcro and very creative children!We had fun making a face for our pumpkin. With this activity children can review/reinforce knowledge of parts of the face in Spanish:Los ojos (eyes) , la nariz (nose), la boca (mouth), la cara...

Los números – Numbers

Activities:· Place objects in a box and have the children count.·Place numbers from 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 on the floor and have the children organize them. · Make a line of numbers on the floor and give turns to the children to jump next to the number you call. · Use a...

GIVEAWAY: Two Colombian puppets to spice up your lessons!

I am always looking for puppets to use in my Spanish classes. Children love them, and they make everyone more engaged in the class.During my recent trip to Colombia, I found these two lovely hand-made Colombian puppets that I fell in love with because they are very...


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