14 of My Favorite Online Resources for Spanish Teachers

The internet has taken off as a tool and forum, used by many teachers to look for new ideas, share their expertise, support their units, and more. I have found many websites with great resources for Spanish teachers. Here are several of my favorites, in no particular order. 

1. Spanish Playground
Ideas and resources to use in the Spanish classroom.
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2. Online Free Spanish
Free online games to motivate young learners and families to continue learning and practicing Spanish at home.
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3. Flapjack Educational Resources
Teacher-created resources for FLES and dual language programs.
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4. Foreign Language House
Teaching tips and resources for Spanish and French teachers K-12.
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5. Mis Cositas
Cultural resources for Spanish class.
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7. Kinder Latino
Teacher-created materials geared toward preschool classes.
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8. The Bilingual Teacher Clubhouse
A group of language teachers who share resources, ideas and teaching tips to use with elementary school children.
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9. Spanglish Baby
Tips and resources to support teachers and families raising bilingual children.
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10. Spanish Simply
A blog with lesson plans from an elementary Spanish teacher.
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11. Mommy Maestra
A mom sharing her experiences homeschooling.
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12. 1-2-3 Spanish Together Youtube Channel (disclaimer – this is my own site)
Free songs and videos to teach Spanish to young children.
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13. Ask Paulino
A place to find answers about anything related to the Spanish language.
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14. Sonrisas Spanish School
Cultural resources and teaching tips for Spanish class.
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I am sure you have your favorite websites too. Feel free to share them in your comments below!

Happy Teaching in Spanish!