A 1,000 Likes Means Giveway Time! ¡Gracias!

This giveaway ended on October 5th, 2012!
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It’s time to celebrate! I have reached a 1,000 likes on my Facebook page! Thank you, thank you, than you!!! You will be able to download three of my products for FREE before October 5th, 2012! Enjoy the freebies!

Click HERE to download “Pez, Pez, ¿Dónde Estás?”
Click HERE to download “Papá Noel, ¿Quién Tiene Tu Gorro?”
Click HERE to download “Mi Libro de Halloween” coloring pages
Have fun teaching!

A Music CD Filled With A Lot of Fun Songs For The Fall!

CD includes lyrics and translations!

Fall will be here soon and our music CD “Jump into Spanish” can bring a lot of fun to your Spanish classes! 

  1. Yo soy un pavo / I am a turkey*** (click on this song to listen)
  2. Cinco calabazas / Five pumpkins *** (click on this song to listen)
  3. La ardilla Lola / Lola the squirrel
  4. Mi cara redonda / My round face
  5. La caja mágica / The magic box
  6. El oso / The bear
  7. El semáforo / The traffic light
  8. Ya llegó la música / The music is here
  9. Vamos todos a bailar / Let’s all dance
  10. Yo tengo una casa / I have a house
  11. La canción del movimiento / The movement song
  12. El dinosaurio Pablo / Pablo the dinosaur
  13. Es hora del desayuno / It’s time for breakfast
  14. Me gusta leer / I like to read
  15. Hojas, hojas / Leaves, leaves
  16. El conejito blanco / The white bunny
  17. ¿Cuántas manzanas hay? / How many apples are there?
  18. Las palabras mágicas / Magic words*** (click on this song to listen)
  19. ¿Qué ves ahí? / What do you see?
  20. Adiós amigos / Good-bye friends
Have fun singing in Spanish!

And The Winners of The Noyo Spanish App Are…

Thank you so much for participating in the Noyo App download giveaway! The happy winners are…
Terra Fewless  and Jessie Solomon Fox!
You will get the code to download Noyo! You have 48 hours to contact me! Have fun playing and teaching with Noyo!
Everyone wins here! How about using these fun group of pictures that are part of the app to support your food and profession units? They are FREE, so go ahead and use them! 

700 Likes = Giveaway!

I am so excited about  hosting a new giveaway! This time I am looking to reach another magic number, “700 LIKES” on my Facebook pageYou will be able to download my album “Play in Spanish” for a limited time!

Ready, set, go!
1.     Share via FB, Twitter, blogs, other social media, e-mails, etc.
2.     Share the love, but invite your friends to follow my  FB page: Fun for Spanish Teachers.
3.     Once I have reached the magic “700 Likers” number, I will publish the links where everyone can download the printables and song! THERE WILL BE A LIMITED TIME  for the songs to be downloaded.
4. Stay tuned!
5. Have fun singing in Spanish!

Giveaway: A Download of “Más Canciones en Español” !!!

I am very excited to share that I am hosting a new giveaway! This time is a download of the album “Más Canciones en Español” by Sara Quintanar from Music with Sarah
Some of  my lucky “likers” will get this awesome music to play at home or in their classrooms. 

This is how it works:
1. Go to my Facebook page and like my post about this giveaway. This will let me know that you are participating.
2. Go to Sara’s Facebook page and show your love and support to her awesome work by  liking her page. Follow this LINK!
3. Wait until May 11th for the winners to announced on my Facebook  page.
4. You will have only 24 hours to contact me to grab your prize!
5. Enjoy Sara’s most recent work! A lovely song and VIDEO  “Mamá te quiero mucho at SPANGLISHBABY!