Libros Para Pueblos – in Oaxaca, Mexico

The following is a guest post by Suzi Leonard,  Libros Para Pueblos.

Libros Para Pueblos has established over 60 children’s lending libraries in the state of Oaxaca.  This is one of the Mexico’s poorest regions, but one of its most colorful, indigenous, and creative, set in the dramatic Sierra Madres of southern Mexico.  We are beginning a program for volunteers to help us in our remote, isolated libraries, to work with the librarians, children, and communities toward encouraging greater involvement through crafts, music, puppetry, readings, etc.  We are a seriously nonprofit organization.  Any expenses incurred by us are assumed by us personally.  There are no paid employees of the NGO. 
We are launching a pilot volunteer project March 23-31, 2013, that would bring elementary teachers or librarians to Oaxaca.  The cost ($1500) will include a contribution to the organization to be used for art supplies to the libraries, expanding our non-profit status into Mexico (it is in order in the US and Canada, now) plus cover all expenses of hotel, transportation in the state of Oaxaca, breakfasts, dinners, and sightseeing during your stay.  We are looking for 6 motivated, bilingual professionals who can not only enhance our project today, but can offer advice for the growth of our programs.
We are opening 3 new libraries prior to the end of 2012, and planning on 12 more in 2013, so we have plenty of work for anyone who wants to help.  Please contact with any questions. 

Suzi Leonard
Libros Para Pueblos