December 31st  is an exciting day in Colombia and many other Spanish speaking countries. Everyone is focused on family and fiesta, and the resolutions and wishes for the New Year come to mind.
Those five minutes before the year ends are especially important. Yellow underwear for  good luck, suitcases filled to go around the block, a dollar bill in your pocket and many other exciting and fun thing for a New Year.

My favorite tradition is “las Doce Uvas”. The tradition of eating twelve grapes that represent wishes for the New Year.  Every grape is eaten when the bell of the end of the year strikes. It strikes 12 times before the New Year stars.

This is a fun tradition to share with your students. Depending on the level you teach have your students make pictures or write about their wishes on every grape (see freebie below). You can also create bunches of grapes (see freebie below) in class and have your students work on just one wish.

Here are some examples of wishes you can teach your students:
1. Yo deseo más recreo.
2. Yo deseo paz.
3. Yo deseo amor.
4. Yo deseo jugar.
5. Yo deseo ver películas en clase.
6. Yo deseo tomar una siesta.
7. Yo deseo comer dulces.
9. Yo deseo tener más amigos.
10. Yo deseo bailar.
11. Yo deseo aprender más español.
12. Yo deseo una fiesta.

A freebie for you! Download it HERE!


¡Feliz Año!
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