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Silly Rhymes in Spanish {freebie}

Download the set of silly rhymes to decorate your classroom or cart. You can also use this rhymes as attention grabbers by saying the first sentences and your students respond with the other part of the rhyme. Click here download them all!Enjoy,Carolina

Freebie For Your April Calendar (Spanish)

I have decided to keep my calendar simple this month! In this set you will get numbers from 1 to 31, pictures for the weather and an April sign in Spanish. You can grab your freebie here: April Calendar Freebie. Enjoy the freebie!Carolina

Giveaway: 12 Mini-Books for Spanish Class (printables)

I have been using these mini-libros with my students and they love them! I used them at the end of the units for them to keep as "pictonaries."The Giveaway I am so happy to share with you that 5 lucky readers will get to have this complete set. This set is...

Game: Un Partido de Fútbol

In preparation for this game you will need felt, pictures of soccer balls, pictures of famous soccer players from different Spanish-speaking countries, and a glue gun to put the felt pieces together.Once the game is all put together, get ready to play it with...

Feed the Monster in Spanish Class

I love teaching this unit in my classes. I especially love teaching names of fruits that are endemic to Latin America, mostly from Colombia, the country where I am from.In preparation for this activity you will need to create a monster prop, similar to the one in the...

The Color Game

Have you ever wondered what to do with an empty box of baby wipes or Clorox? Here is a simple and easy idea that my younger students love!Find different pieces of fabric of various colors. Tie them all together, and put them inside the box. Next have your students...

Ready, Set, Go! Ideas for Traveling Teachers

I teach PreK-3 Spanish in a FLES program. I don't have a classroom, which means I am always on the run. Sometimes I consider myself lucky not to have a classroom - like a traveler who can live simply with whatever she can carry instead of building up "stuff" or having...

A Fun Christmas Story and Audio in Spanish

Papá Noel has lost his hat! Do you think he would be able to find it before Navidad? Who could have taken his hat? This book is perfect to introduce vocabulary related to Christmas in Spanish. It's short, fun andhas a lot of repetition. This set includes:1....

Giveaway: 42 Songs for Spanish Class!

10 lucky readers will get codes to download 42 songs for Spanish class!Click HERE to listen to the 42 songs on iTunesThis giveaway ends on 11/16/2012a Rafflecopter giveaway