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I’m so glad you’re here. I would like to welcome parents, educators and and communities out there who share the love and passion of teaching Spanish to children.

An Idea For The First Day of School

I like approaching the first days of school in a very low key manner. We are all getting ready and adjusting to the new routine, and as some suggest, it may take up to 6 weeks for children to finally feel ready for your class. This is especially true as I am an...

Bilingual Songs For Your Classroom {Review & Giveaway}

There is nothing like learning a language with good music that inspires not only children but also grown ups. This is what I feel when I listen to the "Here from There" music CD, that the songs are suitable for any age.This CD is filled with 10  songs that...

Getting Feedback From Your Students

This is something I've always wanted to try. I have to say I was scared of it. I think it's nice to know what my students think about me and my teaching style. I have had other teachers and my school principal observing my classes, but the group that I think knows the...

May Calendar {Freebie}

If you still don't have your May calendar ready, you will find this freebie very helpful. It includes numbers, signs and graphics for the weather.Click HERE to visit the link to download the freebie!Enjoy,Carolina

Teacher Appreciation Day Sale Next Week!

Many stores will having a big sale on Teachers Pay Teachers to show teachers how much we appreciate them. That includes my store!  All the products will 28% for two days. May 7th  and 8th are the two big days!Hop by my store HERE! See you...

The Glasses Game

Are we supposed to return those 3-D glasses after we watch a movie? I'm not sure about that, but I am sure that your students will have so much fun with them! I have a couple of pairs that I've kept and use with my students to play a simple and silly game they all...

Game: Mariposa, ¿Dónde Estás? {Freebie}

Click HERE to download the game! Spring has finally arrived, what a great opportunity to review colors!  During class, I counted paper flowers with the children, went over the colors, and introduced the word "mariposa" (butterfly). I displayed the flowers in the room...

Silly Rhymes in Spanish {freebie}

Download the set of silly rhymes to decorate your classroom or cart. You can also use this rhymes as attention grabbers by saying the first sentences and your students respond with the other part of the rhyme. Click here download them all!Enjoy,Carolina