This game was created to use with my younger students to review colors. Many of them are into Halloween right now, so this is a good way to keep them engaged. This game is played just like any “Would You Rather?” type of game, where you have a set of questions and students respond to choose what they prefer.

In this case, you might want to review colors first. As you can see in the pictures, there are two little hands. Students can respond by saying “uno” or “dos” or by pointing with their hands. Another option would be to divide or mark your room with the numerals 1 and 2 for students to go stand at to show their answers. You can also replace the numbers with actions like “jump” if you prefer, or “dance” if you prefer. It all depends on your space and how you are teaching these days (remotely or in-person). No matter how you are teaching these days, I am sure this will add some fun to your classes.

Before bringing this game to your classes, make sure that all your students are okay with Halloween celebrations. As a personal experience, a few years ago I had a student in one class who didn’t feel comfortable with Halloween, so in the class, we shifted to focus on the autumn season and still got to use some pumpkins and put emotions in it.

¿Qué prefieres? – Halloween Version by funforspanishteachers

You can also download a pdf version of this game! Click HERE to download it.

Need a fall version of this game? No worries! I got you covered!

¿Qué prefieres? – Fall Version by funforspanishteachers

Click HERE to download the pdf version!

Have fun!

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