I miss my classroom so much and also miss being able to see my students in person. One of the hardest things about transitioning to online school was finding ways to keep some of the routines I had in my classroom and adapting them to this new way of teaching that I refuse to call “normal.”  I wanted to bring to my “home classroom” (which is now a  table in my bedroom)  some things that I had in my regular classroom for the children to feel connected, especially our kindergarteners and first graders. I brought home our class pets, and sometimes they make their appearance during our classes. I continue teaching my classes by first greeting them, then sharing the plan for the day’s class, singing a song, engaging in the main activities, doing a game and a closing song or phrase to end the class.

Of course, the greeting that I used with my younger students needed some adaptation to work in a virtual setting so I introduced new ones, and the children seemed excited. The most popular greeting has been the “baile,” since they can get silly and creative.  Here are some greetings I use. Please notice that all the greetings are on the left side of the picture to let you place the Zoom video (or any online communication platform you and your students are using) on the right, as shown in the example below.

Click on each picture to save or drag them to your computer’s desktop. Place them in a PowerPoint or Google Slide widescreen, and you are ready to greet your students in your virtual meeting.

Have fun greeting your students in your virtual classes!

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