I have never been a fan of snow, that’s probably one of the reasons why I moved from Boston to Austin. But one of the things I most miss about New England is the beautiful fall foliage and the crisp feeling of the air, even if it means snow is around the corner. I used to love teaching this song to my students because of the connection to the time of year. Fall means a lot of exciting things: pumpkin patches, apple picking, apple pie, pumpkin pie, Halloween tricks and treats, and so on!

I don’t get to teach this song with the same excitement anymore because nothing changes as dramatically down here in Austin (I’ve heard it said that there are three seasons here: summer 1, summer 2, and winter), but I can still share my love for the fall with you through this song and resources.

I still remember when I wrote this song during a cold winter in Boston when I was thinking back to this beautiful season. I am lucky that a group of friends and musicians in Colombia recorded many of my songs that you can find on Teachers Pay Teachers, Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes.

Through this song,  your students will explore the colors of the fall season. You and your students can imitate the sound of the wind and the freshness of the fall to introduce this activity. Use pictures of different seasons and ask the class “¿es verano?”, “¿es primavera?” and so on. Give time for answers and go through every
season until you get to “otoño.” Introduce the word “hojas,” and sing part of the song. Have your students explore different colors and help to name them. I sometimes like to use a play parachute*** and fake fall leaves*** while singing the song. It gets noisy, but it’s a lot of fun and a great way to get your students moving. This song works best with preschool-aged children. Click HERE to download free props to use this song in your classes!

¡Feliz otoño!

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