A few years ago I wrote a short story to use with my students to make a curricular connection with the butterfly life cycle in second grade science class. It is a twist on ” The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle, which many of my students are already familiar with, and it’s also a popular title in kindergarten. This new version I created of my own story has more repetition and simple structures.

Before teaching the story you might want to pull out a map and point at the different countries mentioned in it: Colombia, México, La República Dominicana, Cuba, Argentina, and Perú. There are some traditional dishes mentioned in the story. You might want to talk about them. This will also be a great opportunity to talk about your students’ favorite food.

Pre-teach some of the vocabulary using TPR: va, tengo hambre, come, canta, duerme and dice.

Read the story to your class. Some questions you might want to consider while reading the story.

¿Dónde está la oruga? ¿Está en Colombia o Bolivia?

¿Qué come la oruga en Colombia? ¿Come pizza? ¿Come sancocho?

¿Qué hace la oruga? ¿La oruga duerme o corre?

¿La oruga es un perro ahora ? ¿La oruga es un perro o una mariposa?

¿La oruga dice “hola”? ¿La oruga dice “hola” o “adiós”?

After reading the story I like going back and talking about each picture. Talk about the colors in the different flags included in the story.

Act it out! You can have individual actors or have different groups going to different places. Print some masks, pictures of the different foods and flags of the countries included in the story.

Click HERE to download the story “La oruga va Latinoamérica.”

Download the rest of the story HERE!

This story is a great follow up of the story I do during the fall called “Monarca va a Michoacán.” I also use this story to create a connection with their science curriculum, as well as to create a cultural connection with “El Día de los Muertos” celebration in Mexico. Read more on how I use “Monarca va a Michoacán” here!

Have fun!

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