Every year before the school year is over, I like creating a list with resources for students to continue practicing their Spanish during the summer. My list normally includes free online resources, information about cultural venues and events in the city where the school is located, YouTube channels, a list of songs we learned in class this year, and suggested books and resources for parents to find in their local library. Putting the list together requires a little bit of time, but I always feel like it will be worth my time an enrich the learning for my students that I’ve worked so hard to cultivate over the course of the year. Click here to see a sample of the list.

These are some of the resources I have added to my summer newsletter for 2018:

Grades K-3
All Levels
Resources in Your Library

Many public libraries have these resources, families don’t need to purchase them.

YouTube Channels
TV Shows

Find your child’s favorite TV show in Spanish.  If you have access to Netflix, find a show that your child is already familiar with and change the audio to Spanish.

I hope you find all these resources helpful to create your own list. Even if your school year has already ended, you can still put the list together and share it with families. If you have any other resources that you know of and would like me to add to the list, please share in the comments.

Have an awesome summer!