I have been in love with the Interactive Notebooks since day one! It’s a fun way to keep your students engaged with hands on activities that will help them feel a sense of pride. You will hear them asking when they can take the notebook home to share with their families or teach Spanish to their siblings. Interactive Notebooks are a great tool for teaching for Spanish if used correctly. Given that I emphasize oral aspects of language learning, I normally wait to use Interactive Notebooks until the end of a unit or story. They are a way for students to keep track of what we do during the school year and for me to gather qualitative data in an authentic, developmental format.

Here are my top 5 activities for Interactive Notebooks:

1. Así soy yo: In this activity students can describe themselves and write about their likes and dislikes in Spanish.

2. Los colores: This activity goes beyond helping students identify colors in Spanish. It turns into a fun memory game!
3. El Calendario: This definitely is an interactive way to help students remember months, days of the week and seasons in Spanish. Students can also use it anytime when they need to talk about the date.
4. La Familia: Students enjoy learning names for family members with the flower activity. This has room for them to describe their own families. This set includes a variety of activities for different levels.
5. Mi Armario: Students have a lot of fun putting this activity together! They get to customize it and talk about what the doll should wear according to the weather. There is also space for them to write about what they have in their closets.
Also, visit my post “5 Reasons to Use Interactive Notebooks” in Spanish class.  Find many more resources for Interactive Notebooks in my TpT store!
Have fun!