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Angie says:
Hola, I am trying to do a lesson plan about Inti Raymi, the sun festival in Peru. Any suggestions? I can’t find anything online. Thanks!!”

Kimberly  I don’t but I’d love to see the lesson when you get it done!

Melissa: me too – do share anything you find!

Tana Jai am also interested
Nayka:  Here is a link. I have heard of it from a Peruvian friend of mine, but I have never had the experience or opportunity to teach it…please do share your lesson, sounds like it could be awesome!!!

Fun for Early and Elementary Spanish Teachers: How about putting an offering together? It sounds like a great opportunity to talk about food in Perú

Fun for Early and Elementary Spanish Teachers: If you have a computer in your classroom, taking a virtual trip to Perú using Google Earth could be a fun way to introduce this unit.

Alison :I’d like to see what you come up with, too!

Margaret  Sounds exciting. Good luck with your resources.

Angie: Thanks for the ideas! I am so excited for this lesson plan.

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