At this time of the school year we are looking for fun and quick lessons to use in our classrooms. This is very simple and provides you and your students with a window on a small piece of a very diverse culture.

Many towns and cities in Colombia have their own celebrations during the year. The last celebration of the year happens in Cali, the city where I grew up. Every year from December 25th to 30th the city hosts La Feria de Cali, a big celebration – like a carnival – that attracts people from different parts of the world. It is a celebration where the Caleño culture is on exhibit.  From Salsa singers to horse lovers, there are many types of people and activities to celebrate, and it appeals to people of all ages. The city is decorated with big and beautiful lights, and every neighborhood gets ready to party and celebrate before the year ends. The first day of the Feria opens with a big Cabalgata (horseback parade)When the Cabalgata ends, people fan out to different spots in the city to dance and be with friends.

Bring la feria de Cali to your Spanish class:

1. Use a map to find Colombia and then Cali. If you have access to the internet, use GoogleEarth to make it more fun and show actual pictures of Cali.

2. Show actual pictures of the Feria and the Cabalgata.
3. Invite the children to create their own horses using a coloring page or using paper to create their own.
4. Have your own Cabalgata in your classroom.
5. End the class with a Salsa lesson!

Links with information for teachers

Have fun dancing!