Buenos días by 1-2-3 Spanish Together by SpanishTogether

Buenos días,                                    Good morning,

Buenos días                                     Good morning,
Buenos días que bonito día              What a beautiful morning!
¿Cómo estas?                                   How are you?
Muy bien                                         Very well
Bienvenidos, bienvenidas,                Welcome,
La, la, la                                            La, la, la

Teaching tips
·      Show the picture of a moon and the picture of the sun. Ask them which one is the appropiate one for the morning. Explain to them that in Spanish you say “buenos días” to say good morning and “buenas noches” to say good night.
·      Have them pretend they are sleeping and then have them wake up by saying “buenos días”.
·      As in the “Hola” activity, have them use puppets to greet each other by saying the full sentence.
          Puppet A : Buenos días, ¿cómo estás?
          Puppet B: Muy bien,  gracias
·      Have students present the puppet show to the class.
·      Have students sing the song while playing instruments. Divide the class in two groups. Ask one side of the class to sing “hola, ¿cómo estas? And have the other group respond “muy bien gracias”.

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