Magic Words in Spanish

Magic Words in Spanish

These words come in handy in every class! Use fun reminders and encourage children to use them in their daily interactions. Print the flash cards and laminate them for durability.  Introduce them in a bag. Take each word out and read it aloud. Pretend to do magic tricks using the paper wand included in the cards. Create movements or gestures for each word. You can also use Google to learn the signs from American Sign Language that goes along with each word. Use them when singing the song and invite everyone to sign and sing with you.

Download your flash cards HERE!

Have fun!
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A 100 Days in Spanish Class

Time goes fast! Many of you are already on day 100 of school or getting close. So I have created this to share with everyone. It’s a 100 days crown that will help your students categorize words.  Just see the picture below!

I have included different templates for you to use according to your students’ needs. Some of the templates included here are related to the first 100 days of school, and others are simply showing 100 words in Spanish. Click HERE to download all the templates. 

Your students can count by 10’s up to 100 using this song.

Happy 100 days!
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Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. in Spanish Class

It’s important that as language teachers we always look for ways to connect with other subjects and explore more beyond our own subject matter. In many elementary classrooms across the United States, students are reading about Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy for this country. What a great opportunity to take an interdisciplinary approach.

It occurred to me that much like the Hispanic Heritage Month project  I previously posted about in this blog, students can create an interview for Martin Luther King Jr. or create a simple bio poster to display around the school. Please click here to see the post.

If you are an Interactive Notebook lover, this template is perfect for you! Make sure you have multicultural crayons or markers available in your classroom. This is a great opportunity to talk about diversity in our country. After coloring the template, students should write information about Martin Luther King Jr. in the inner part of the template. I have also included a color version for teachers to use to make their sample for the class.  Please see pictures below. Download your template here!

Last, but not least, this is also a great opportunity to talk about paz in our country and the world. Here you can download two color-by-number pages that will help your students learn a few colors and/or reinforce previous lessons about colors in Spanish.

Have a happy and meaningful celebration!
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Happy New Year 2018! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo 2018!

Thank you for making 2017 a great year for Fun for Spanish Teachers! Starting a new year is an opportunity to hit the reset button and start again! I have so many goals for myself this year on both a personal and professional level. I’ll continue working toward some of my goals from last year. Some of the them actually involve working less or smarter, though I aim to share more via this blog with all the Spanish teachers out there. Along with that, I would love to go back to running, since it is an activity that I truly enjoy and serves as a form of moving meditation. As far as my professional goals, I hope to continue learning from other teachers to integrate new approaches and methodologies into my teaching. I also look forward to connecting with many of you! What are your goals for the New Year? Please feel free to share them in the comments. I would love to read them!

I leave you with some love for your classroom! Click on the pictures below to download them!

Print the pages of this black and white calendar and use them as your 
personal planner or a calendar for your students to keep up with your class. 

Print these letters and place them on a bulletin board or cart 
to welcome your students to the new year.
Have a wonderful 2018!