Rockalingua Will Make Your Spanish Class Rock {Review and Giveaway}

I teach in a FLES program and have discovered that it is not an easy task  to find the right songs which help teach in the target language. It’s common for a song to have too much vocabulary or to be boring or not engaging enough to maintain student interest. I am also a songwriter which means that I have my own collection of music for my classes, but I always like to try out new songs to incorporate into my curriculum.

However, this is not the case with RockAlingua.  I was amazed by the engagement of my students when I taught one of RockAlingua’s songs called “Los Días de la Semana.” The song is very repetitive – in a fun and good way- so much so that children were singing along after a few seconds of hearing the song. I now use this song as part of my “warmup ritual” in class, and my students ask to sing many of RockAlingua’s songs everyday. The program has complementary videos for some of the songs, and the animation really commands my student’s attention.
I believe one of the main reasons RockAlingua works so well in my classes is that it was created by an elementary Spanish teacher who knows how important repetition and creating context are when teaching a language. Musicians who haven’t been teachers don’t always get this. RockAlingua creates meaningful context for your students. The children not only get to learn the songs, but the program includes complimentary materials to keep exploring the vocabulary and provide a space for practice: worksheets, videos, picture dictionaries, and games. Some of these features require a full membership, and others are free.

You can visit their website to learn more about the program and maybe even decide to start a free trial! You can also follow RockAlingua on Facebook to stay tuned and learn all about their new materials and freebies.
My students enjoy these songs, and since I own a CD, I would love three lucky readers to have a chance to win a CD for their classes. Just enter below to participate! Winners will be announced on Friday, January 31, 2014. United States Only!

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20 Free Apps for Spanish Class

While searching for apps to use in my classes I found tons of free ones. There is definitively a wide variety of apps for different levels. Some of the free apps might be a sample of a complete app, but it’s worth the try. I do recommend that you download the app and play with it before using it in class. 
Here are some of the free apps I found:

El Mercado {Giveaway}

If you are an elementary Spanish teacher like me, you know that we are always in search of props to spice up our lessons. During my recent trip to Colombia I found this cute “Mercado” set with labels in Spanish. The set has 32 items that your students will love. I brought one to the United States for me, and decided to bring one more to raffle to between my lovely readers!

The Giveaway!
 If you would like to have this fun “mercado” set, here is an opportunity for you to win it and bring more learning to your class. Just enter below to participate. The winner will be announced on Monday, January 13th, 2014. United States only.
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